Professor Martin Manning

Victoria University of Wellington

Professor Martin Manning, has worked across several areas of science including: theoretical nuclear physics, the carbon cycle, atmospheric chemistry, and climate change science more broadly. From 2002 to 2007, Martin was Director of the Working Group I Technical Support Unit for the Fourth Assessment Report on Climate Change by the IPCC that won the Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore. He has been author of more than seventy peer reviewed publications, two this year, and more than twenty chapters in books on climate change, four of which were major IPCC reports to governments. As the inaugural Director of Victoria University of Wellington’s Climate Change Research Institute, he led the first interdisciplinary study of New Zealand’s capacity to adapt to climate change. His current work includes: analysis of 30 years of 14CO data to determine changes in atmospheric oxidation rates, and being on an experts panel, led by Jim Bolger, ONZ, to establish a community-led coastal adaptation plan for Kapiti.

Hydrology, or living with water in Times They are A-Changin’

Thursday 2 Nov | 8:30 am